Saturday, April 30, 2011

Damage to the LCD YAMAHA PSR 3000, S900, S700

The damage that often occurs is:

* Incurred brown stain on the LCD.
* Tibul blue stain on the lcd.
* LCD lines arise.

But if the LCD did not want to display an image and a normal keyboard means it is not a malfunction of the LCD but damage to the mainboard, and the damage is usually cheaper in the appeal to replace a new lcd.

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Anonymous said...

where to buy an lcd psr s900?

Rose Network said...

Contact Me 0858 7853 7883
I live in semarang indonesia...

Asif Karnail said...

Well i need new LCD for PSR 3000 where i can fin it?

tilton27 said...

Please what is the Part Number for the LCD for PSR S-900?

Web Master - Sri Lanka said...


I need a replacement LCD display for my Yamaha PSR3000. Where can I buy? Will you be able to provide?

Please let me know. I also got brown lines going in my screen.

My - email -

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