Monday, July 27, 2009

How to treat the keyboard roland E96-E86-EM

How to treat roland keyboard, in this paper I will try to share a few tips how to treat your sweetheart roland keyboard, the steps are as follows:

* When you try not to play the keyboard while holding the cigarette, this is a mistake often made by the player, when the dust through the parking entrance midst toot and then accumulate on the surface of the rubber contact on the bottom of the keyboard you can toot one cause not toot beep because debut attached on the surface of the carbon toot surely menghambar electric current, in other cases can still toot beep sound just broken. (Do not try to clean the surface of the carbon with the liquid because it will make any carbon-fast, use tissue paper and a little water to clean)
When you enter into the bag roland keyboard do not place the adapter or power supply at the top of the bag, because the exact position on the keyboard LCD, and if the impact occurred akan menyebapkan severe damaged LCD screen, in addition to the price of the LCD screen to keyboard to E-96 / E-86 ranges between 1.5jt-2jt find spare partnya also very difficult.

* Always use voltage stabilizer, while in the building or place where reception is usually the power is in use with the genset, the voltage up and down continuously akan menyebapkan some IC on roland keybord you damaged, especially the IC memory function that saves the results while loading style. IC memory corrupted if akan menyebapkan keyboard blank or can not operate a bit.

* Provide additional support in the bag, it makes your keyboard will be more durable in case of impact, small impact, if any occur regularly akan menyebapkan damaged as well, because usually at the keyboard often carry out.

* Unplug floppy disk if the loading process is complete, do not forget to enter permanently in the floppy disk drive in your keyboard roland. Floppy component is the most frequently damaged, and parts replacement floppy disk drive can not be easily memberli like your floppy disk drive for computers, because the system is different.
Bender * Try your keyboard is not in the position of the bag by the wall, at the time and try to save the picture to return the position Bender normal circumstances, the need to know on the Bender potensio you are not the same as the potensio in the electronics market.

* Do not be too long exposed to toot your sun directly, because it will make a toot that changed to white to slightly yellow-colored. and very difficult to clean with any cleaning fluid.

* If you roland keyboard broken, never improve in the usual place of reparations, reparations should be a specialist roland keyboard, just because the engineers who recorded it can buy components that will be replaced if damaged, and the need to know the specific instrument damage on your keyboard.

Only that I can share at this point, if you have questions you can post comments on this blog or send an email to me. I will answer. thank hopefully can help.


  1. bagaimana cara setting floppy pc ke roland e96,tolang balasan di tujukan ke e mail saya ;

  2. kalau ada yang butuh LCD E96 aq punya,, hargany 1,5jt, klo ada yg minat hub


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